Why don’t penguins use PowerPoint?

Friday, April 27th, 2012 by Simon Morton

Whilst recently conjuring up Eyeful facts for the marketing department to use and abuse, I stumbled upon my favourite ‘Believe It Or Not’ so far…

In 2011 Eyeful Presentations worked with customers on every continent except Antarctica.

An impressive factoid but how much more impressive it would be if in 2012 we could work on every continent… I mean Antarctica is 5.4 million square miles of the globe that we’ve failed to have an impact on. On the flip side with no permanent (human) residents and most of the transient population concentrating on the serious business of scientific research (and preventing their eyelashes from freezing together) maybe we don’t need to worry.

But it would be un-Eyeful of us not to speculate so here we go…..

What Antarctica does have is penguins. A lot of them. Somewhere around 30 million of the cute little things, standing around waiting to be engaged, informed and entertained.

I think the problem we have here is a distinct lack of presentation tools. The penguins have little, if any, access to presentation software, hardware or training which makes it sound exactly like somewhere we need to be.

So, if anyone out there has any flipper friendly presentation control systems, waterproof tablet devices, or accessible information storage that works on a cloud of the fluffy, precipitous persuasion, give us a shout and we’ll join forces.

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