Three weeks in at Eyeful…

Friday, May 25th, 2012 by Simon Morton

A Guest Blog from General Manager, Jo Fahey

The one thing that strikes you as you enter Desford Hall (once you’ve bypassed the blossom, trickling fountain, squirrels running around and baby rabbits in the hedgerows) is the Eyeful atmosphere. It can be deadline central with everyone staying late, or there can be a new lady asking everyone to change their ways (who, me??)…and everyone stays positive and pulls together as a team. A team that I was instantly proud to be a part of.

Many companies are keen to tell anybody who will listen about their business culture; about how working for them is a fun and rewarding experience. I have always filed this sort of thing under either wishful thinking or fluffy PR so it was a little disconcerting to actually see it in action.

Three weeks in and it’s still here – so no need to hand out the Oscars.

Rapid growth over the past 12 months has meant that there is a relatively new team in place but this strength of culture ensures that this is undetected, both in the office and, more importantly, by our customers. It’s important to us that our customers feel the “Eyeful love” and we keep striving to exceed expectation; finding new ways to keep our customers happy and therefore keep our customers! Don’t get me wrong, there are always aspects that can be improved but we’re not afraid of change – especially when change means we can work smarter.

So, three weeks in and I have made my fair share of tea, listened, learnt and tried to get to know everyone in the office, out on the road and across our international business. Heck, I even played rounders in my lunch break (evidence below for the cynical).

I feel really excited about the future…so watch this space!


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