The Writing’s On The Wall – Part One

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 by Simon Morton

Recent Visitors to Eyeful Towers often experience a roller coaster of emotion that goes something like this….

Wow do you really work in this lovely building?

Oh, you’re upstairs and there’s no lift

Wow it’s amazing to see where the magic happens!

Oh, more stairs to the toilet

But we’ve recently found that the wowing has been outweighing the ohing, particularly when it comes to our décor…and this is due to our posters.

We’re not talking teenage pop crushes and blu tack here – when we do something at Eyeful we do it properly and great design is a thing we do.

So we’ve taken the things that are important to us and immortalised them in glorious Perspex and because not all of you get to visit we’ve decided to instigate an irregular serialisation of them as valuable insight into the Eyeful psyche.

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