Securing business (and presentations) on the move

Friday, July 13th, 2012 by Simon Morton

We all know that mobility and accessibility are key factors in modern business. Mobile devices have made it possible to do business efficiently without being tied to a desk. Being able to show a business presentation on a smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world is a far cry from the exchange of immediately forgotten business cards.

Halcyon days for sales reps then – but nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Many businesses are rightly tentative about new tech investment. The history of innovation is littered with memories of the next big thing that never really was. Betamax Video, the Sinclair C5 and my personal childhood nemesis the Colour Genie computer; all of these were lauded as technologically superior and revolutionary by those in the know before being roundly snubbed by the masses. So tech investment is a truly big deal to business.

Sales teams on the other hand are resilient and focused people, who are often willing to spend their own money on the tools they need to gain a competitive advantage. Twenty years ago they bought themselves a Mont Blanc pen and a leather folio and their boss was pleased that the biro stock was rarely depleted. In today BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture, it’s a smart phone or tablet device and their boss is worried about data security and network access.  As a result, many businesses still refuse the integration of personally owned devices into their networks.

The conflict here is obvious; utilising free resources that can help your business grow versus perceived network threats.

Twenty years ago the headlines in data theft revolved around Bob Monkhouse and his stolen joke books; we’ve come a long way since but the issues and fears are the same. Information has real, tangible value.

So what does this mean to the corporate presentation?  After all, the point of a business presentation is to communicate. To do this it has to be seen. To be seen it has to be accessible.

Here at Eyeful we have always been great exponents of repurposing to maximise your audience and we’re forging partnerships with people in the know when it comes to cloud storage and slide cataloguing (watch this space for more news on this soon) so that our customers can be confident that their presentations are accessible and protected.

Security is never going to be completely guaranteed, but savvy business can minimise the tech risk in a way it can never address our human failings, meaning that the loss of an iPad left in a cab is just that.

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  1. Gerry says:

    Excellent article guys! I hope very much that you guys heard of the free SlideShark App, which allows you to play, present, and share PowerPoint on the iPad (and the iPhone pretty soon). Yes, I do work for SlideSHark and we’ve been hitting the right nerves with the sales audience. I think it could really be a good fit for the pains and suggestions in your post!


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