Nice People Saying Nice Things – Buy To Let Cars

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 by Simon Morton

We’re in the very fortunate position of being asked to develop messaging and visual storyboards for entrepreneurs of all sizes.  These brave souls can range from the freshly published author about to launch themselves at the mercy of the speaking circuit through to those preparing to face a “Dragon’s Den” of potential investors…and everyone in between.

It’s always exciting to work with someone who has a vision and passion for a completely new business concept – Reggie Cole from Buy To Let Cars is a perfect example.  He came to us full of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial zeal looking for a presentation that would help him demonstrate the benefits of his innovative business clearly and simply.

We were more than happy to help and, by utilising our Presentation OptimisationTM methodology, we were able to get right to the heart of his business proposition and to explain it in a way which resonated with his audience.

We thought we’d nailed it….and, according to the recorded interview below, Reggie agrees.

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