Join us for the “What’s This PowerPoint 2013 Thing All About?” Webinar

Friday, August 10th, 2012 by Simon Morton

Eyeful Presentations has been following the progress of PowerPoint 2013 for a while now…

We even dreamed of what may be to come. Twice.

We were excited by the widescreen default, intrigued by the Apple v Microsoft back story, thrilled by the mobile integration and impressed by the cloud functionality.

Then we gave it to our resident übergeek (we call him Matt) who almost frothed at the mouth during his flurry of experimentation with PowerPoint 2013. But describing the new features doesn’t quite cut the mustard, and a screen shot is just a picture, so we’ve decided to show our customers the future of PowerPoint in a much more interesting way.

On Friday the 17th of August we will be showcasing PowerPoint 2013 for all our friends and customers as a Webinar, available at 12 noon and 17.00 (BST).  Signing up is easy, simply follow the following links to book on one of the sessions:

12 noon BST (13.00 CEST) – click here

17.00 BST – (12 noon EDT) click here

See you there!

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