Blisters & Big Green Boxes – The Dartmoor Challenge

Monday, September 17th, 2012 by Simon Morton

This weekend saw a hardy (some may say foolish) band of Eyeful bods rise to the challenge and head down to Dartmoor.

On paper, it all looked so very simple – walk through the beautiful Dartmoor hills with friends, chatting, laughing and carrying a very large green box supplied by charity Shelterbox.  The reality was somewhat different with swathes of swearing, sweating and sunburn gripping the team. Oh, and the box(es) were a nightmare…

Despite the ridiculously steep hills, iffy navigation and danger of overdosing on snack bars, we all remained friends and, thanks to the massive generosity of customers, family, colleagues and friends, managed to raise a huge amount of money for the brilliant people at Shelterbox.  There’s still time to contribute if you’d like to – simply click through here.

We’ll be there next year…fancy joining us?

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One Response to “Blisters & Big Green Boxes – The Dartmoor Challenge”

  1. Liz Mulloy says:

    You guys were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really really well done – you did yourselves proud and we’re very lucky to count Eyeful Presentations among our supporters!
    Hope the feet have recovered!
    Well done!
    Liz x

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