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Monday, October 15th, 2012 by Simon Morton

When it comes to presentations most people think corporate. It’s true that presentations play an important part in many sales pitches, product launches, business meetings, training sessions and conferences but that’s not the whole story.

We’ve produced presentations for birthdays and funerals, challenging our designers to produce something that speaks to its audience honestly without betraying their emotional connection to the subject.

We’ve produced presentations for customers to use at job interviews, giving our customers something that they can rely on in a stressful situation and raising a cheer in the office when they are success.

But it isn’t just the occasion that varies, we also work with academics, explorers and authors and in the case of Kevin Dutton, all three at once.

Kevin is a research psychologist at Magdalen College, Oxford and has written a couple of the most thought provoking books available at the moment. ‘Flipnosis’ and ‘The Wisdom Of Psychopaths’.

Kevin’s books examine how we view and interact with the world by bringing together vast and disparate sources to explore what makes us tick and why. So when Kevin needed a presentation to support ’Flipnosis’ we had to get amongst the scientific studies, anecdotes and conclusions to make sure that we can tell the story as well as he can.

It’s a huge challenge to bring a book to life as something else (just looking at what filmmakers have done to some fantastic books over the years will give you a clue) but our specialist consultant Helen Beardsley rose to the challenge.

Helen has now worked to bring a little presentation science to both of Kevin’s titles and we’re really proud that Helens name appears in the acknowledgments section of ‘The Wisdom of Psychopaths’ (the 285 pages before that are well worth a read as well)!

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