A day in the life of a Customer Champion

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 by Simon Morton

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Customer Champion here at Eyeful? Cathy Ricketts reveals all….

How many job descriptions include the phrases “Cuddling Customers” and “Spreading the Eyeful Love”?  That’s what’s so great about us loved up Customer Champions here at Eyeful as we get to ‘cuddle our customers’ all day long.

When we say cuddle, we don’t mean in the literal sense, if only because, even with all of todays’ technological advances, this still isn’t actually possible to do from our desks!

The Eyeful definition of cuddling a customer is to contact them once their project has been signed off, to complete a telephone survey, giving them the opportunity to tell us exactly how the project went for them.  Were they happy with the service and the design? How did Presentation Optimisation work for them? Is there anything else we could have done to make their experience with Eyeful any better?

We will also take the opportunity to spread some Eyeful love by making sure they know what other wonderful services Eyeful has to offer. This allows us to make sure they receive only the information they are particularly interested in, after all we’re cuddlers, not stalkers!

Here at Eyeful, we take customer feedback incredibly seriously.

We could just send out an email and hope for a response but we really do believe that a short conversation allows us to delve a little bit further to ensure we really do understand exactly how things went for our customers.

All of the information gathered from these surveys is shared with the rest of the Eyeful team to ensure that we are continuously improving to give the best possible customer experience.

We get the funny tummy feeling and we want our customers to get it too.

So when you get a message from a Customer Champion saying that they would like to conduct a survey with you, get yourself a cuppa, give us a call and prepare yourself for a little cuddle and some Eyeful love!


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