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Friday, October 26th, 2012 by Simon Morton

We’ve blogged quite a lot about recent Microsoft innovations, we’ve compared the Surface to the Kinect, told the world how much we love PowerPoint 2013 and we’ve got a rather interesting interview with Shawn Villaron (Microsoft’s own Mr PowerPoint) coming your way in the very near future.

And Microsoft have managed to catch our eye again, this time with an interesting patent application. The patent in question is for a device that projects a gaming environment on all four walls of a room, using a ‘depth camera’ to extend the on-screen action right around the gamer. This will allow action to emerge from behind the gamer and although the interactive element will remain largely on screen the effect will be truly immersive.

It also has some clever little gismology that will prevent the images being projected onto the gamer thus avoiding being actually blinded (or consumed) by whatever game they happen to be playing.

We have berated Microsoft in the past for its failure to recognise the business potential of similar innovations, but this time we’re getting in really early to help them out!

  • An architect can walk his clients through their new home before anyone fires up an excavator.
  • A room full of people can sit inside a new sports car – at the same time.
  • People across the world can visit a production line without using a single hairnet or overshoe.

All good stuff, but before we get carried away; there are some things that need to be considered. As with 3D presentations making something move doesn’t make it informative and, as with Prezi, we need to be aware that some of our audience won’t have cast iron constitutions.

I believe that a couple of good solid rules are all we need to make this and other innovations into valuable tools for business presentations:

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2 Responses to “Presentations that your audience can really get into…”

  1. I did that, a couple of years ago…
    I placed 50 people inside a “giant” aquarium for P&G’s Tide laundry detergent (re)launch.
    With 4 projectors and 5 image sources… of course… 😉

  2. silver price says:

    The recently leaked summer 2010 Microsoft presentation – confirmed by sources as being genuine, but very out-of-date – throws some light on what we could expect. Diagrams in the presentation suggest that the single Kinect sensor is replaced in favour of two smaller satellite cameras, offering a significantly improved field of view that could suit more playspaces and support up to four players simultaneously.

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