Some Surprising iPad Statistics

Thursday, November 1st, 2012 by Simon Morton

The iPad has not only led the way in tablet technology but has also distinguished itself as something of a tech phenomena, our friends at SlideShark have  recently surveyed 1,300 iPad users  throwing out some startling / sad / thought provoking statistics:

32% of survey respondents would rather have a root canal than accidentally destroy their iPad. 26% said they would rather break their nose, and a whopping 40% said they would rather get into a minor car accident. 10% of users said they would rather lose their jobs.

43% said they appreciate the iPad being like a “pacifier” for their children, while 27% said they love the tablet simply because it’s a “piece of art.”

42% of users would rather lose their driving license than their iPad, 20% would rather lose their wedding ring and 27% would rather lose their wallet.

67% said the tablet has completely replaced books for them. 31% said their iPad has replaced their TV, another 31% said it has replaced their camera and 32% said it’s replaced their GPS.

47% of users said they would rather have their iPads at work than get a bigger office, while 34% said they wouldn’t even give up the tablet for a promotion to a more senior position. 68% said they’d rather have an iPad at work than their own designated parking space, and 23% said they would take the tablet over an extra week of paid holiday.

Just under half of BrainShark’s 1,300 respondents said they would rather give up food during a day of travel than not have their iPad on hand. A slightly lower 41% said they would give up water for a 24-hour period before they’d give up their beloved tablets, while 35% said they’d risk forgoing all bathroom breaks.

35% of iPad owners would rather forget to pack a change of clothes for a business trip than forget the tablet, and an even greater 55% said they’d rather forget deodorant. Some users were even willing to risk damages to their home if it meant their iPads were in tow; 22% said they would rather forget to lock their front door than forget to pack the tablet, and 17% said they’d rather forget to turn off the oven.

Maybe there’s a need for some sort of ‘Swiss Army iPad’ to help these  singularly minded people!

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