Making Video Work For Business (Part 3)

Monday, November 26th, 2012 by Simon Morton

And finally, once you have your video in place, how do you get it out to your audience?

Getting to your audience is easier too; many of the major search engines favour video content, giving your business further access to ‘first page’ listings.

Video is easily integrated into social media sites increasing your potential audience and research has indicated that emails containing videos can double or triple your click through rate for marketing campaigns. And that’s before we consider that your prospects could be watching from a hand held device, anywhere in the World.

Producing a professional, compelling video for your business is also cheaper than ever and most of platforms for publishing it are free to access.

Video is also ideal for a subject close to our hearts here at Eyeful – Repurposing.

One video can serve your business during events and exhibitions, via social media, as part of a marketing campaign, in a presentation, as website content, webinar content and blog content.

See what we mean here:


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