Russian Presentation Revolution

Friday, November 30th, 2012 by Simon Morton

It’s been a while since I personally blogged (the high quality of the blogs for the last 9 months or so is testament to this!) but, having just returned from another fulfilling trip to Russia, I’m inspired to do so…

I was privileged to be asked over by our Eyeful Russia team to speak at a large seminar in Kaliningrad where the entire 4 hours were dedicated to presentations and the changes that are afoot in terms of technology, approach and technique.

This immediately struck a chord with me.

The Russian business community has grasped the importance of getting presentations right.  They understand the issues thrown up day after day in the West as a result of The Presentation Paradox and Death by PowerPoint…and don’t want to fall into the same trap.

There were a series of media interviews afterwards and a common question from all was “how can we ensure Russia catches up with the West in terms of presentations?“.  The simple answer is that they need not worry.

Whilst Russian presenters are focussing their energies on building compelling and engaging stories to support their message, the vast majority of their Western counterparts are wrestling with which whacky animation to build into their next huge PowerPoint deck.

Possibly the most inspiring fact I learned was that Russians do not yet have a phrase that conveys “Death by PowerPoint”.  Long may this be the case.

Without wanting to sound too dramatic, the presentation revolution has started…and that’s great news for audiences across Russia.

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