And so on to the 4th (Working) Day of Christmas…

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by Simon Morton

This year has once again seen the Eyeful team grow at a cracking rate.  We’ve welcomed new bods into the design, finance, sales and marketing teams as well as bolstering our management team.  It’s been a busy year and, with a lot of new names to remember, it’s a good job we all have a mug with our name on it!

It is the team behind the Eyeful brand that inspired our fancy new company video (we’re very proud of it).* The video will form the centrepiece of our new corporate brochure and sales collateral which will be released in January, so watch this space!

As this is the official premiere, please ensure you’re suitably attired (black tie please, gentlemen) and have the popcorn ready.

*Hats should be doffed in the direction of those lovely people at ID2 Media for the production of the video. In short, they’re brilliant.

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