On the 11th (Working) Day of Christmas, Eyeful Checked Their List…Twice

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 by Simon Morton


As it gets closer to the big day, we thought we would review what’s top of our Christmas list this year (and as we’ve all been such good boys and girls this year…)

Nearest dearest please take note of these Eyedeers (yep, still running with it):

Matt, Designer: “A giant interactive PC screen – like a wall, so we can see the schedule and update it by pressing the wall. Tablet PCs for everyone to use to discuss projects and share ideas on….”

Simon: That’s enough of that I think!!!

Jo, Head of Customer Engagement: “Surface Tablet PLEASE! I’ve had iPad envy for a long time now but this tablet looks to have all the gadgets and apps but actually fit in with all of my other technology… YES I mean a USB port!! I am that easily pleased”

Simon: See why Jo’s so excited about the Surface here.

Cathy, Customer Champion: “A big flash TV – 3D, smart, flat screen ANYTHING!!!”

Andrew, Finance Fella: “what do you buy the man who has everything…?”

Thank goodness I didn’t get Andrew in the secret Santa draw!

Jack, Designer: “An 8 track tape player for my car, a 27inch iMac with 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive…. It’s 5mm thick!!! – oh and a lava lamp!”

Alex, Designer “Filter Forge for Photoshop please”

Roy, CPD Consultant: “Some really amazing new business apps for iPad that go to the next level please”

Thank goodness for Santa…

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