Nice People Saying Nice Things…With Flowers, Wine & Chocolate

Thursday, January 17th, 2013 by Liz

It’s always nice to feel that your work is appreciated and whilst all feedback is valuable, great feedback is what we strive for.

This morning, a lovely hamper arrived for our consultant Rob and the design team that worked with him on a particularly time sensitive and complex project last week.  Let the record state there is no quicker way to a consultant or designer’s heart than to send them wine, flowers and chocolates…

We have talked in the past about the funny tummy feeling that everyone at Eyeful aims to provide to our customers – a mixture of excitement and WOW! (see poster below).

So it seems that “funny tummy feeling” is followed by the yummy tummy feeling…perfect!

As always, our customer should have the final word:

“Dear Rob and the amazing team that made the [project name – removed for reasons of confidentiality] dream possible.  Please accept this gift as a thank you for all your hard work we really appreciate everything you have done for us”

Yours, the happy folk at Eyeful Towers x



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