Presentation Pressure..?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 by Simon Morton

Presenting brings with it all manner of pressure…  Heart palpitations and sweaty palms are commonplace in meeting rooms and conference halls the world over, as presenters wrestle with the fear of stumbling over their words or completely losing the plot as they deliver their slides.

A statistic often dragged out and dusted down at this point is; that more people are terrified at the thought of standing up and presenting to an audience than they are of dying. This is typically followed up with the quip, “So they would rather it be their funeral than give the eulogy at someone elses”.

Funny…but the impact this fear can have on a presentation is deadly serious.

We have recently used our Presentation Optimisation methodology to develop a deck for a lovely customer who is presenting today at Buckingham Palace …to HRH Prince Andrew.  Gulp!  Now that is a high pressure pitch!

Both our Presentation Designer, Nicola, who worked on the deck and Consultant, Paul, who developed the messaging and drew up the initial storyboard are happy to boast that they have created slides for royalty.  But, more importantly, we can take great pride in equipping our customer with a presentation that the presenter has complete confidence in.  Once the confidence kicks in, the pressure ebbs away… our job is done.

So best of luck to our lovely customer and we eagerly await an update on how it all went.  Perhaps we could get our Customer Champions to survey the Palace to get their view on it?  Maybe not…

So, if you need some help dealing with those presentation nerves, start with the basics and get your content and story straight and build from there.

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