Creating emotion – a strong message, powerful content and visuals to die for

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 by Simon Morton

As a Brit, I’ll be the first to hold my hand up and admit I have no absolutely idea about American Football (I’m only just getting my head around the offside rule in “soccer”).

But I am aware of the hoopla that surrounds Super Bowl, from the anticipation of the half time entertainment (will anyone ever be able to top Prince?  I think not…) through to the scramble for the best advertising slots from the World’s biggest brands.  At a cost of $3.8m per 30 seconds of airtime, the stakes are high (but then again, the World is watching…).

For years, the advertisers have relied on hyperbole, pyrotechnics and scantily clad beautiful people to capture the imagination of the audience.  It’s a tried and tested formula that, like the fizzy drinks often advertised in this prime slot, is fun and easy to consume but doesn’t really have much in the way of staying power.

This year, Ram broke the mold.  Yep, Ram…the people who make very large pick-up trucks…  How?

They had an incredible focus on their target marketplace, and by doing so, intimately knew the message they wanted to share.  It went from being corporate speak to being personal and, as a result, incredibly powerful.

They then coupled this with scripted content that delivered the message right to the heart of the audience.  OK, to some (myself included) it might have come across as a slightly too saccharine but the target audience of would-be pickup purchasers would have lapped it up.

And then onto the cherry atop the cake – simple, beautifully shot and powerful visuals that reinforced the message.  Note the absence of fireworks, scantily clad models or celebrity endorsement – this was about using images to support the delivery of message and content in a way that cut through the extraneous noise associated with the Superbowl advertising battle.

Message + content + visualsSound familiar?

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