Jaw Dropping Design Combined with Gob Smacking Patience

Monday, March 4th, 2013 by Simon Morton

I’m currently in the thick of the biggest project of my business life and, for the most part, having a whale of a time.

It’s “full-on” nature means that the tempo of my normal working (and personal!) life has been temporarily tweaked.  It has meant more research, more thinking, more “big question pondering” than ever before.  Exciting but also a little wearing over a sustained period of time.  You see, patience is not something I’m particularly known for…

And then I found an inspiring video of UK based artist, David A. Smith.  David had been commissioned to create the album cover for US music behemoth, John Mayer – a high profile gig for any design company let alone for a cottage industry artisan like David.

The video shares two simple truths – great creativity is earned and takes time…in this example, a lot of time.

Rushing a project like this would have taken the “human essence” out of the equation, a cost that nobody was willing to pay.  The end result speaks for itself…

So grab a coffee and take a few minutes out of your busy day to see how great creativity coupled with incredible patience, tenacity and commitment delivers something very special indeed.

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