Whiteboard Presenting…Minus The Stickmen

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 by Simon Morton

Over the last few years, we’ve been actively encouraging our customers across the World to think beyond PowerPoint.

By using our Blended Presenting approach, we now have customers mixing up the visual element of their presentations, incorporating different technologies to best suit their audience.  For one audience it might be using an iPad to share their story whilst occasionally referring the audience to a hard copy document or video whist for another it might be the more conventional use of PowerPoint but with the use of a whiteboard at key points of the story.

This use of whiteboard as part of a Blended approach is incredibly powerful.  It allows the presenter to really personalize their message to the audience, perhaps detailing or demonstrating technical content that simply doesn’t lend itself to a PowerPoint slide. Despite the immense power of mixing a presentation up in this way, many customers initially shy away from it.


A lack of confidence in their drawing skills… The good news is that Microsoft look to have been hard at work addressing this very issue.  They’ve released a video which shows an early prototype electronic whiteboard, SketchInsight, that interprets the users “doodles” and replaces them with decipherable images.

It’s all very clever and could spell an end to the debilitating fear of drawing a rather shoddy stickman in front of a group. More importantly, by pulling on “big data”, it will also allow presenters to call upon real-time data as part of their story, taking the bespoke and personalized presentation to the next level.

Exciting times…but in the meantime, as long as it allows people to happily embrace the electronic whiteboard as part of their Blended Presenting strategy, we’ll be happy…as will their audiences!

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