Sharing Some “Eyefulocity” – Connectedness

Monday, March 18th, 2013 by Simon Morton

More video revelations following our contribution to the debate at Business Reimagined, this time on the topic of “Connectedness”…

I have to admit to thinking that “Connectedness” was one of those made up “technology/marketing consulting” words, used by people far cleverer than me…but it’s not.  Only when chatting through with the nice people from Microsoft did I realise that it’s something we do everyday, without thinking and by harnessing the plethora of technology around us.

As Eyeful continues to grow overseas, using technologies like Skype has become an everyday occurrence and as natural as picking up the phone.  It’s easy to forget the technology that blew our minds a few years back (I still recall sending my first e-mail!) is now part of everyday life.

So how has this technology impacted our “connectedness” with the most important people in our business lives, our customers?

Click below to find out…

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