Every cloud has a silver lining…or life in the fast lane?

Thursday, March 28th, 2013 by Simon Morton

Speed cameras are a constant source of debate and grumbling amongst UK drivers – are they a source of revenue or do they improve road safety? Debates aside, this story is about turning a negative into a positive.

Last year UK consultant Paul Newsome received the dreaded letter informing him that he had been photographed exceeding the speed limit whilst driving in Hull. Paul was presented with two options: take the fine and points or pay the fine and attend a road safety awareness course. Of course, Paul opted for the latter and duly signed up to attend the one-day course.

The course, for those careful, law-abiding drivers who don’t know, involves a presentation followed by some practical advice. Now Paul has been a presentation consultant with Eyeful since 2009 and is always spotting opportunities to improve poor slides. By pure chance the Road Safety Partnership had already contacted Eyeful for a quote and it was our Presentation Optimisation methodology that gave us the edge over other companies and helped us to win the contract. Along with Paul’s “experience”.

Cut to a few months down the line and delivery of the new  ‘High Vis’ version of their original presentation.  The process was a familiar one to anyone who has experienced the Presentation Optimisation methodology, as Paul explains:

“It’s a slightly different scenario to most of our customers but the theory is the same. A presentation needs to have a structure that ensures audience engagement – perhaps more so in this case as many attend the course with a very cynical or negative attitude and need convincing that the information being shared is relevant and important.

Most importantly the presentation needs to encourage and facilitate active and positive contribution to the session whilst being memorable so that it is not just about what they see on the day – it’s about adopting it in their day to day life after the course”

The feedback has been fantastic and we’re proud to have made such a positive impact on something as important as road safety.

In some ways we hope that you do see our work… but on the other hand, we understand that you probably hope you don’t.

Either way, Paul is naturally a much better driver thanks to this experience!

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