Team Eyeful grows again… Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing Louise Cramp!

Monday, April 8th, 2013 by Simon Morton

We never sit still here at Eyeful Towers – our world is always evolving and expanding to cope with new customers and new technologies.

Indeed, it was pointed out over Christmas drinks that in 2012 we recruited 10 new staff across the teams at Head Office, opened 2 new global offices (in Russia and Ireland), grew the business by 30% and increased our product offering.

All rather exhausting if you think about it for too long…

So, to make sure we deliver all this new work with the now expected “Eyeful way” we’ve added to our renowned Project Management team. Here to introduce herself is the lovely Louise Cramp:

Hi I’m Louise, the new(ish) Project Manager in the delivery team.

Project Management is in my blood; I love organising, planning and delivering tasks, whether its work related or planning our next adventure in the sun!

I’ve spent quite a bit of time working in the hospitality sector, so I’m use to an ever changing, fast pace environment. From what I gather, I should be right at home at Eyeful! I always strive to exceed the customers’ expectations and work hard to achieve my goals.

It’s great to be part of such a fresh, progressive company – bring it on!

We’re very pleased to announce that Louise is fitting in really well and taking everything we throw at her in her stride.

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