Audience Engagement & Technology – Are CPD Presentations Playing Catch Up?

Thursday, April 11th, 2013 by Simon Morton

You may not have noticed but there’s been a quiet revolution of late in the world of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) presentations.

A growing number of CPD providers have recognised the value of creating an impactful presentation with strong structure, powerful visuals and presenters well versed in the skills required to keep an audience fully engaged.  This means throwing out the bullet point ridden PowerPoint decks of old, investing in presenter training and reinvigorating their marketing efforts.  This is great news for CPD provider and audience alike…

But are these forward thinking companies still missing a trick?

For many years, PowerPoint was viewed as pretty much the only presentation tool available to CPD providers.   It played to the longstanding opinion that all business and educative presentations had to be ‘formal’.

You’ll be familiar with the scenario:

The presenter speaks (sticking word for word to the approved script) whilst the audience listens intently. Any questions posed by the audience are reserved to the Q&A session (normally just before the sandwiches come out thereby minimising the likelihood of too much discussion or debate).

In short, not the most inspiring presentation format for an eager audience to work with…

Thankfully most audiences these days don’t play by the ‘formal’ rules – when engaged, they can’t help but interact with the presenter, asking questions and probing on topics throughout the session.  This is how people learn and get the most value from the whole CPD process – long may it last…

The CPD experts here at Eyeful wager that this new level of presenter-audience engagement just the tip of the iceberg.  Well established technologies such as online presentations, podcasts and webinars provide further opportunities for the forward thinking CPD provider to engage with their audiences.

The good news is that a few proactive companies are doing just that and firmly grabbing the chance to differentiate themselves through technology.  The reality is repurposing existing approved CPD content and making it available to a wider audience, either on your website, through secure portals, on YouTube or via download sites such as iTunes, is remarkably simple.

Technology brings with it many wonderful opportunities to CPD providers across a range of sectors.  The big question is how and when will you embrace it to make your CPD programme more effective and efficient than ever?

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