The PowerPoint app for iPad rumour mill won’t be silenced…but is it too late?

Friday, April 12th, 2013 by Simon Morton

It’s been a while since we all got excited about the “impending” launch of the PowerPoint app for iOS, the operating system that runs your iPad and iPhone.  We spoke to luminaries within Microsoft who remained tight lipped but had a glint in their eye.  We chatted it through with other app developers to get their opinions regarding the whole soap opera.

The anticipation was palpable – finally the iPad was going to be released from the clutches of the clunky (but getting better) Keynote app and allow presenters across the world to take their tried and trusted PowerPoint files and move them over to their favourite tablet device.

Rumour had it that the launch would coincide with the full release of Office 2013…but it never happened.  And, fellow tech and presentation early adopters, it would seem we still have some time to wait…until Autumn next year.  Or so the rumour mill has it –>

What does this mean to those business people poised to present via their iPad?

The truth is that most will have found a way around the inconvenience, either by figuring out which PowerPoint animations, fonts and features Keynote plays nicely with…and sticking with those.  Or perhaps by using a conversion app (BTW – Slideshark is by far the best in the market…and we’ve tried them all) or by thinking bigger and pulling upon experts to create a fully interactive and rich media iBook presenter pack.

To find out more about any of these options, give us a call and we’ll happily chat it through and share some examples.

There may be a few ardent Microsoft fans who persisted with the awful buyer experience and actually managed to get their hands on a Microsoft Surface.  I’ve not met any of these mythical creatures (and my guess is that neither have you).

In summary, we’ll have to see what this prevarication means to Microsoft when they do finally get around to releasing the inevitable app.  My gut feeling?  The anticipation and need has evaporated over time, people have worked their way around the issue and, frankly, Microsoft have missed the boat.

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