Simon takes on ‘Dragons Den’

Thursday, May 16th, 2013 by Simon Morton

Next week sees our very own Simon Morton lending a hand at Henley College’s Enterprise & Employability Week.

Simon will be undertaking the unenviable task of tackling the ‘Dragons Den’ – from both sides.

On Wednesday 22nd he will be maintaining his usually friendly persona and helping the young entrepreneurs prepare for their Den encounter by sharing his skills and knowledge on ‘How to present to a panel’.

In the Den, a great presentation marks the difference between an idea you’ve had – and a business you will have.  In life this can be translated as the job you really wanted and the job you got.

Most people are distinctly uncomfortable in front of an audience – it can feel like a test that you haven’t revised for.

Yet the rules for presentation success are simple and can be essentially summarised as ‘three knows making an ess’* – know your subject, know your audience, know yourself = success.

Bringing that to a life actually needs a little something extra and that’s the ‘secret sauce’ that Simon will be sharing with the students.

Then he’s back on Friday 24th – flying in and donning his incredulous face (practice ongoing) to take his place as a Dragon.

It’s unusual to see both sides of a pitch and Simon is hoping that his Wednesday masterclass will minimise his exposure to the type of cringe inducing umming, ahhing, panicking and fudging that we often see on the telly.

Dragon Morton

*feel free to insert a bad pun apology as required.

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