In Defiance of Gravity…The Apple Way

Monday, May 20th, 2013 by Simon Morton

Modern tech is, for the most part, beautiful. When we use smartphones and tablets to present they’re often more than a tool – they’re a statement of our techie credentials.

Sleek lines, intuitive interfaces and portability are all key features, but as many once proud owners know the fragility of design that we all seem to love results in, well, fragility.

Over the years this has been approached in two ways;

Some smartphones have taken the Mr T approach and bulked up .The Casio G’zOne Commando is rated for complete water immersion, driving rain, dust, falls (up to four feet), vibrations, humidity, -13 to 185 degree temperatures, low pressure, salt fog, and solar radiation. It can survive being run over by a truck, a trip to the zoo  and relaxing in a Jacuzzi – but , let’s be honest, James Bond wouldn’t give it pocket space.

Other attempts have been of a more aftermarket effort. Anyone hoping to make their smartphone or tablet look like it’s been wrapped in a recycled truck tyre has plenty of options and replacement screens (along with the associated embarrassing/hilarious/plainly stupid explanations) are a revenue/entertainment stream all by themselves.

Now Apple are doing it their way.

They currently have a US Patent Pending  for the tech equivalent of a cat. A device that will sit inside your smartphone or tablet, detect when it is falling and reorientate itself to land in the least damaging position.

Using the level of tech usually associated with a lunar landing craft (thrusters included) as an over engineered reaction to the weakest link in the tech chain, (Home Sapiens),  is undoubtedly as Bond worthy as it can be.


fly phone framed

Now to find a way to apply it to buttered toast…

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