Dragons Den – Backstage Report Part 1

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 by Simon Morton

Yesterday saw Simon complete phase one of his ‘Double Dragon’ experience.

As part of Henley College’s Enterprise & Employability Week, Simon was on hand yesterday to guide the young entrepreneurs in the art of presenting.

The syllabus was based on our proven Presentation OptimisationTM methodology and the students were keen to learn about the importance of message and the mistakes that can be made by over egging the cake (it becomes a floury omelette if you’re wondering).

They also discussed how best to visualise their ideas in a way that will engage the Dragons. The relative merits of PowerPoint, product demos and art boards were all debated along with the opportunities and dangers that using multiple platforms can bring.

The students were very enthusiastic to learn and interestingly they showed the same anxieties that we see every day with our business customers. We know that, to our customers, every presentation is THE presentation and the students felt just the same.

Encouraging the business people of tomorrow to think a little differently about how they present will help them to avoid the pitfalls associated with “Death by PowerPoint” that have given presentations such a bad reputation.

It’s a very Eyeful way of helping to raise the bar for business presentations.

On Friday, Simon will be seeing his work from the other side, as he unfurls his Dragon wings and judges the finalised presentations – we’ll let you know how he gets along.


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