Eyeful Labs are Go!!!!

Friday, May 24th, 2013 by Simon Morton

It would be fair to say that we are giddy as kippers here at Eyeful Towers and, for once, it’s not due to a sugar rush – Eyeful Labs is here!!!

We are proud to have created an immersive, innovative, imaginative environment which encourages our creatives, consultants and customers to stretch the boundaries of presentation possibilities (alliteration and exclamation mark tourettes are side effects of our excitement – sorry)!!!

We’ve flung open our doors and ordered extra teabags – stand by for a revolution….

Eyeful Labs is not about what works for our customers now, it’s about what will work for them in 5 years time, how they’ll stay ahead of their competition and why it’s important that they do.

We have one simple rule for each of the workshops, forums and webinars – forget everything you’ve been taught about business presentations.  Doing the same old thing is a situation with truly diminishing returns.

The Lab is an environment for presentation experimentation. Sometimes we’ll light up the room with inspiration, opening new presentation possibilities. Sometimes it will just go ‘pft’ – and that’s good too, because every ‘pft’ teaches us something new.

There are very few truly bad ideas – sticking your head in a lions mouth allows you to spot dental decay easily, it’s only a bad idea if you don’t live to ring the dentist. Eyeful Labs encourages our customers to take the risks that bring the biggest rewards, without fear of decapitation.

Many years ago we had a dream, a few weeks ago we had a mess and today we have Eyeful Labs.

If you think that you have what it takes (simple curiosity will do) to stand at the front as we race towards the future of presentations, drop us a line.


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