Dragons Den – Backstage Report Part 2

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 by Simon Morton

Having completed his ‘Double Dragon’ experience during Henley College’s Enterprise & Employability Week, Simon reports on the view from the Dragons chair…

Despite the BBC’s failure to televise this particular episode, it was clear from the start that the gloves were off and the scenario was very real. The Dragons adopted their ‘race faces’ from the start and were not averse to challenging each other which led to some fairly lively ‘discussions’.

Every entrepreneur looked the part (always a good start and particularly notable in the student population) setting the tone to ‘serious’ as soon as they entered the Den.

The pitch style varied with students adopting different styles to get their message across. Some simply spoke whilst others utilised technology (including the ubiquitous PowerPoint) and the flipchart proved that it still has a part to play in modern business presentations. There was also a noteworthy appearance by a dynamic Excel spreadsheet which managed to inform without inducing number blindness – not an easy balance to achieve.

All marvellous stuff but as we know the presenter is as important as the content and delivery method – and the standard here was high.

The winning team won because they truly were a team, each person knew their part of the story and how it interacted with their colleagues. This led to a seamless presentation that, to the envy of many a real Den pitchee, also aced the financials. It’s almost as if they were briefed…..

Simon was very excited to be involved with the event and Eyeful Labs is looking forward to welcoming some of the students in the near future – creating a great opportunity for the business people of tomorrow to be involved in the future of presentations – we’ll keep you posted….

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