The blog, of the blog, of the book….

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 by Simon Morton

We’ve always been big on sharing here at Eyeful.

You’ve seen the website, received the newsletter and enjoyed the blog, the luckiest amongst you are armed with an Optimised Presentation and pretty soon you’ll all be able to read the book.

Simon has finally been persuaded to try and trap his wit and wisdom between the covers of an actual book. No really, it’s true, it’s got an ISBN number and everything….

The Presentation Lab: Learn The Formula Behind Powerful Presentations can be yours to own later this year, but there’s no need to wait for Christmas to see what it’s all about.

As if the prospect of writing a book were not daunting enough, Simon is throwing open the creative process for everyone to see how it evolves.

He will be sharing the agony and ecstasy of the writing process through dedicated blog and Twitter feeds.

We can’t promise that it’ll always be plain sailing, and it may need a parental guidance sticker at times, but it is guaranteed to be interesting!

The blog and Twitter feeds will allow you to experience the kind of DVD extras not usually associated with book writing (and somewhere along the way we may discover a reason for this…) – enjoy!





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