Housekeeping – Eyeful Style

Monday, June 10th, 2013 by Simon Morton

It’s been a couple of weeks since Eyeful labs opened its doors and the influx of curious customers, creative consultants and presentation enthusiasts is already generating some really exciting ideas.

We are however, experiencing a spate of staining. Yes, you read it right – staining – as caused by excited Eyefulites not paying proper attention to their beverage handling skills.

We understand better than most how easy it is to get carried away on a tide of innovation but we do have standards you know. So we decided that the best option lay not in suppressing the creative carousing but in providing a suitably Eyeful solution – Eyeful coasters.

With the offer of old style cash money in the air, our designers gave it their all and came up with some stonking ideas:

coaster1  coaster3coaster2 coaster4

It was a tough call but *expectant silence* the winner is *drum roll* Phil Evans *applause, wolf whistling etc* and here is the winning design….


Now we just need to perfect our Margo Leadbetter impression – “Coaster please Jerry”

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