Storytelling TEDx style

Monday, June 17th, 2013 by Simon Morton

TED is a nonprofit organisation that aims to bring together movers, shakers and dreamers to share the best ideas in technology, entertainment and design. Having been asked to speak at one of their Russian events, our intrepid MD Simon Morton mooched along to a TEDx Sheffield to see what they’re up to…

It’s been a couple of years since Simon last poked his head in and the first difference was people cheerfully queuing around the block to get in!

So Simon, was it worth the wait?

“It did everything a great Ted event should do – from Dr Noel Sharkey (him off of Robot Wars) talking about how robots are being turned into a force for bad, through to a film producer turned criminologist talking passionately and humorously about the power of communication.

Add to that some modern dance, some amazing stories from amazing people (one guy who visited EVERY country in the World without flying anywhere – and the entrepreneur who arrived in the UK with one word of English – ‘bucket’) and it was a great event.”

This enthusiasm (along with the pics below) made me wonder whether this was really a ‘work’ day at all….

“The event proved that great stories, told with passion, structure and wit can keep a mixed audience on the edge of their seats for over 4 hours. It was inspiring to see what great storytelling can achieve.”

Hmm, well that’s okay then….


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