We’re having a face(book) lift!

Thursday, July 4th, 2013 by Simon Morton

On Friday 5th July at 13.00 we will be hosting a virtual launch party on our new facebook page with virtual cake (no calories), virtual party games (no embarrassment) and virtual prizes (like real ones, but not), for anyone who’d like to join us.

We guarantee that you won’t get stuck in the kitchen with Billy-no-mates and you don’t even have to bring a bottle!

The launch is part of our online makeover that also includes some fantastic new web content bringing our .co.uk website bang up to date with our latest ideas and innovations.

We get so excited about making sure that our customers are armed with the best presentations possible that it’s easy to forget that we need a little bit of Eyeful loving too!

So we’ve included new pages on Blended Presenting, Eyeful Labs and our Presentation Refresh service, along with a new area where you can read all about our partners.

There’s also a new page where discerning prospects can find out exactly what our customers think of us, our services and our training.

But that’s not all, there’s also a fancy new home page on the horizon, so don’t forget to check back in and see just how groovy we’re getting!

See you Friday…..


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