Eyeful Training – Our Attendees Tell It How It Is

Friday, August 9th, 2013 by Simon Morton

Here at Eyeful we believe that the only way to find out if something is any good is to ask.

So we quizzed recent attendees of one of our’ Creating Effective Presentations’ training sessions to see what they thought – and here’s what they said…

“Compared to other training it was one of the better and more effective ones I have received. I have taken away a great deal of understanding and knowledge from this course that I believe will help me a great deal in future client presentations. The trainers on the course were exceedingly well versed in their presentation skills and they had a great deal of experience which really shone through in their delivery. They spoke passionately about their fields of expertise, which is essential in capturing the attention and imagination of the participants.”

“It was really interactive, which made it more engaging and memorable.”

“The course gave a great overview of creating an effective presentation.”

“The course made me realise that it’s one thing to create an engaging presentation and another to be able to stand there and deliver it.”

“Definitely – I wish I had this kind of training when I was at university, students and even lecturers would really benefit. I think most people would benefit from this workshop, especially people who often have to deliver client facing presentations.”

“I would recommend this to anyone that works with PowerPoint on a regular basis.”

“Very good, the trainers were friendly and easily approachable.”

“I felt the emphasis on knowing your story, before you even open PowerPoint, was a very strong. It cemented the fact that PowerPoint is the tool and not the most important part of a presentation.”

“I really enjoyed the design elements of the work shop as I’m sure for most other people did, too. Just some shortcuts that we learnt and some of the tools available in PP that I wasn’t aware of are really going to be handy in ensuring we save time whilst creating PPs and making the finished product look a lot more professional. Some of the points in the more theoretical elements of the training were quite obvious if you think about it but the way that they were delivered made it very memorable and ensured that the key take-away was that the content of a presentation is the most important part, which a lot of people forget as they get caught up in design.”

Not only that but all the attendees agreed that the session was informative and most of then found it enjoyable too.

If you’re interested in how our training can help you get more from your presentations you can read all about what training we offer or cut to the chase and drop us a line.

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