Lloyd takes on the Leicester Marathon

Monday, September 2nd, 2013 by Simon Morton

As regular readers will know we recently adopted The Teenage Cancer Trust as our partner charity.

While most of us have been focussing on maximising cake based charity opportunities one of our project coordinators has put us all to shame.

Lloyd Carter has signed up for this year’s Leicester Marathon and on October 13th he will be giving his all to raise as much as possible for our charity.

As proud as we are that he’s signed on the dotted line, we did have a couple of burning questions when it came to why…..

Lloyd first ran a marathon last year but was no stranger to life on the hoof

“I had always done a bit of cross country running and quite enjoyed it so, when my waistline started to indicate that life was treating me a little too well I decided to put in some extra miles.

Marathon running seemed an obvious progression, I enjoyed the training and it was an excellent way to justify an extra pudding now and again!”

Lloyd successfully ran the London Marathon in 2012 but apparently failed to scratch the itch and also ran the Leicester Marathon a few months later.

So Lloyd, what is so great about running a marathon that makes you want to do it a third time?

“Nothing. There is nothing great about actually running a marathon. It’s horrific. Its hours of mental and physical torture disguised as arduous repetition. It’s the worst combination of suffering and boredom imaginable but I love the training and being completely in control of achieving such a milestone is an amazing feeling.

The build-up is exciting and I thrive on having such a solid goal to work towards. And once I have finished the race the euphoria is amazing, it makes the horror of the actual running completely disappear, it’s a personal achievement like no other and raising money for charity makes it even better.”

The good news is that we can all experience the benefits of anticipation, goal achievement and universal loveliness (without any of the horrors of running) by sponsoring Lloyd in one of the following blister free ways:

Just Giving – click here to donate.

Text giving – to donate £10 text LCEP99 £10 to 70070 – to donate £5 text LCEP99 £5 to 70070

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