APMP Audience Reaction

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 by Simon Morton

A few weeks ago Simon reported on his experience of speaking at the APMP UK conference. Simon mentioned that the audience were both welcoming and knowledgeable, but what did they think of him?

Well we’re pleased to say that the feedback was great and we can rest assured that when it comes to presenting we definitely practice what we preach.

So for those of you considering opting in to one of our training days or wondering exactly what Eyeful can add to your next presentation, here are the opinions of some of the attendees:

“Beautifully articulated, great slides.”

“Very engaging presentation with some very useful advice.”

“Fantastic, great way of looking at the subject.”

“Very useful and engaging – thanks.”

“Good presentation, compellingly delivered.”

And, with one attendee commenting that the only way the session could have been improved was with the addition of a ‘twirling bow tie’ we’re chuffed that the audience grasped our sense of fun too.

Simon shared a lot of new Eyeful thinking, which will be available to all in early 2014 with the publication of The Presentation Lab Book, so there’s no need to wait for the next time he takes the stage to find out more.

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