The Little Book of Big Ideas v2.0

Monday, November 25th, 2013 by Simon Morton

A while ago we breathed life into our first Little Book of Big Ideas and were absolutely thrilled by the reception it received.

The original Little Book was a collection of Eyeful musings about what we do and why we do it which started life as an internal document before being released to the world at large.

Best described as the antithesis of a corporate brochure, we thought it would make an agreeable introduction to our presentation obsession and a handy leave behind to keep us fresh in people’s minds.

It turned out that this thinking was both stunningly right and surprisingly wrong. The Little Book took on a life of its own and the response was something we could never have anticipated.

So there we were, faced with the task of succeeding where many had failed – the sequel.

Little Blue Book v2

Fortunately for us there was no need to rehash the original plot, invent new characters or employ any ‘artistic license’ to get it done. Eyeful is a constantly evolving business and if anything, we had too much great stuff to include.

So without further ado, here it is.

We’ve made it available in iBook, PDF and the 3D, multi-sensory, interactive format (better known as print).  Simply click on your choice of format below and enjoy…

LB PDF LB book LB iB

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