Sales Enablement – Catalysts For Change

Friday, February 7th, 2014 by Simon Morton

We’ve all been there; the coveted would-be customer eventually agrees to give you some of their precious time – tomorrow.

The need to impress overrides the need for sleep and the addition of wine seems like a fine idea. While we have to state clearly that this isn’t a recipe for success, it can produce some surprisingly good stuff.

Fast forward three months and you can almost guarantee a version of the following conversation….

“Can you remember that thing you did for that pitch, the one where we had to reprint it in the morning ‘cause of the red wine spill?”

“Yes, that was the pharma company with the yellow logo that looks like a frog swimming – what were they called?”

“Give me a minute and I might remember, I know we didn’t get the job”

“Will it be on the server?”

“No, I did it at home so it’ll be on a memory stick somewhere – I think I had to use my daughters’ ballerina one”

“Bugger there was a really good bit in there about how we understand marketplace positioning……”

If only you’d got your story and content sorted in the first place neither the initial panic proposal nor the loss of the one gem it contained would have happened….

So intros over, it’s almost time for the whitepaper itself, see you on Monday 10th February when all will be revealed.

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