The Presentation Lab gets a Winning Edge

Thursday, January 29th, 2015 by Matt

Since the release of ‘The Presentation Lab’, we have received some great feedback and it’s always nice to hear lovely things said about the book (even though it still makes Simon blush like a proud Dad!)

However, when Journalist, Marc Beishon, from the magazine Winning Edge put pen to paper it was not just a quick 30 seconds saying how great the book is, blowing Eyeful’s trumpet and pointing you to your nearest bookstore. Marc has written a great article so, if you’ve been sitting on the fence, wondering whether or not to get the book, then hopefully this will help you decide.

Here is just a snippet from Marc’s in depth review;

Morton homes on what is undoubtedly the core business of today’s ‘presentations’ — how to construct engaging messaging using storytelling and conversational styles that suit the audience and situation you are dealing with at a particular time, which more commonly now are not ‘formal’ situations at all.

It also talks about the changing world of sales, interactive engagement and sales enablement.

If your appetite is duly wetted, you can find the full article in Winning Edge magazine which is part of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. ISMM provide lots of information and tips on sales and marketing

Or simply click here to view the article on our website…

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