A Toasty TV Commercial For Presenters To Aspire To

Friday, April 24th, 2015 by Matt

It’s not very often I sit up and take notice of a TV advert, but hats off to Warburtons for getting a massive Hollywood A-Lister to star in their latest TV Commercial.

Yep, it’s make or bake time for Sylvester Stallone in this new advert (sorry, I just had to…)

What’s really nice (and clever) about this advert though is it’s a story – and you’ll probably know from our recent Story Season blogs, just how much we love a good story when it comes to presentations.

It’s the simple but very effective use of story to deliver key messages that presenters should take note of when preparing presentations in the future.

The commercial uses story to deliver a nice mix of rather clichéd, but still likeable one liners, keeping you smiling along with it, as it subtly weaves in corporate key messages, such as when Stallone asks, “Is this the Jonathan Warburton, the guy that bakes and delivers fresh bread to thousands of stores every day?”. Nice.

At the end of the day, Warburtons, could have just had Stallone eating a sandwich for his lunch at home, enjoying the bread while the key messages are voiced over or displayed on the screen – the TV commercial equivalent of death by bullet point. And plenty of commercials have delivered their messages in this way.

But by using inspirational music, with movie style clips and one liners from Stallone like, “By 4am, its showtime… nothing is going to stop us delivering toasty loaves…” Another subtle message. But like a presentation it’s not just the words being spoken by the presenter that deliver the message.

Just like a good presentation, the ad uses a strong mix of key messages, delivered both verbally and visually (in this case, highlighting the commitment of Warburtons to deliver freshly made bread on a daily basis).

I think it’s also important to the context of the story, as to why they picked Stallone for this and not one of the other numerous other celebrities out there? There’s no doubt he’s a huge movie star, but perhaps more importantly it’s down to the fact that 2 of his movie franchises tie in perfectly with the story of a Warburtons baker and delivery driver?

It may not surprise you to hear that bread adverts aren’t exactly something I ever pay much attention to. Yet I know next time I head to the supermarket and see a Warburton’s loaf, a smile will cross my face and the chances are a Warburtons loaf will land in my basket.

From Warburton’s point of view, that’s mission accomplished.

This is much the same challenge we all face as presenters – however you use story, make sure it delivers your messages and call to action in the best possible way.

If you need any help with this, then just give us a call (we’ll be the ones near the toaster).

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