A Presentation Chat For The Discerning Presenter

Friday, May 15th, 2015 by Matt

We had an unexpected treat this week as Sander, Eyeful’s head of Europe, popped in for a visit. It was great to see our chum from Holland and in true Eyeful style, we grabbed a cuppa and sat down for a chat.

This mini movie is packed full of useful information for the discerning presenter…

Sander has recently worked with a company that (despite already being an industry leader) wanted to avoid becoming complacent. They asked Eyeful to help define their story, as well as to suggest new ways and new ideas to share their message. Find out how Eyeful created a cultural change in a massive organisation.

And what’s the deal with Prezi now? 2-3 years ago it was close to becoming the leading presentation tool in Holland, find out if this is still the case – whilst also getting a great example of how blended presenting works.

Eyeful Netherlands also recently supported a customer with their TEDx Amsterdam talks – and Sander reveals what elements made these a great example of a TED Talk presentation.


If our two wise men have duly inspired you to take your presentation collateral to the Eyeful level – then please do just give us a ring on 01455 826390 or send us a message…

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