Story Season – Read All About It (seriously it’s all here)

Thursday, May 21st, 2015 by Matt


For the past 3 months, Simon & I have carefully crafted the blog series that is Story Season.

Our goal was to discuss the importance of story within presentations, look at the scientific case for using story, and ultimately to provide information, advice and general tips on how to incorporate story into your presentations.

You see, combining story and presentation can be a powerful thing, it can give your presentation a coherent structure to follow and help engage your audience with more memorable sticky content that they can remember and thus act upon. We highlight that your presentation tool whether it is PowerPoint, Prezi, Whiteboard or a tablet device needs to be right for your audience, as by always defaulting to PowerPoint you may well be weakening your presentation, rather than strengthening it by embracing new tools and technology.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed Story Season and found it a useful series of blogs.

To help you use story going forward we’ve created an online eBook of all the Story Season blogs and video’s available in one easy place that you can bookmark and return to time and time again – a print version is also available.

And don’t forget if you need any help, we are always happy to help author your next story just drop us an email or give us a call.

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