What happened when Microsoft came to play

Monday, June 1st, 2015 by Simon Morton

We’ve built up quite a rapport with those nice people at Microsoft over the last few years.  As is often the case when you’re working with a huge business like Microsoft, the relationship has many sides:

Customer: Yep – we’ve worked with them on all manner of different presentations over the years, from sales decks through to helping them craft messaging for partner events.

Supplier: Yep – our business runs on their software, from the Dynamics CRM solution that logs incoming leads through to the Office 365 suite that underpins much of what we deliver to our customers.

Sounding Board: Yep – when we want to push PowerPoint that little bit further, we can pull upon friends and contacts here in Europe and overseas in support.

…and most recently as the subject of a forthcoming video about how businesses like ours (i.e. small but perfectly formed) use their technology to our advantage (i.e. maintain Global reach and our position at the forefront of our niche).

The results will be ready to share in a few weeks but in the meantime, here are a couple of ‘in situ’ snaps of Eyefulites to whet your appetite:

Oliva Walsh - Ignoring The Camera Rob Bailey - Loving The Camera


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