Introducing ‘The Mantra’

Thursday, June 4th, 2015 by Simon Morton

We’ve been having a bit of a clear out over at Eyeful Towers recently.  Not so much in terms of the clutter you’d expect (old CD cases, bits of redundant technology, that sort of thing) but in the way we think about ourselves.

We’re 11 years old now (although God only knows where that time went) and over this time we’ve morphed and evolved in line with the needs of our clients, changing technology and our own abilities and aspirations.  In short, we’re a completely different beast to the fresh faced and charmingly naive business we were 11 years ago.

It’s time to re-align ourselves and capture what makes Eyeful, well, Eyeful.  At this point, most business sages will point you in the direction of a Mission Statement but frankly, we’ve always had a bit of a problem with such things.  Often they are at the root of many of the issues we see with our clients’ presentations (pre-Eyeful-ing, obviously).  They tend to be verbose, pompous and distant from the people who they should be touching – your team and clients.  More of a lesson in clever business speak than an attempt to truly communicate what you’re really all about…

So where to turn for inspiration?  After much pondering and research, we came across a YouTube clip from Guy Kawasaki* who pretty much nailed what we were after – a Mantra.

So what is Eyeful all about these days?  In short, we’re about optimising the business presentation experience.  This might be through creating the right story and structure for you, implementing the right presentation technology (we’re fiercely agnostic) or providing presentation creators and deliverers with the skills to truly engage an audience.

So far, so good…however a Mantra is nothing more than an aspiration if you don’t have the ability to deliver on it.  So we looked at what fuels our Mantra – To Optimise The Business Presentation Experience – and realised that it was time for our renowned ‘Eyefulocity’ culture to step up to the plate.  Impartiality, passion, fairness, curiosity and teamwork have long been the key ingredients that make Eyeful tick.  The same goes for the Mantra – without these deeply ingrained behaviours powering the vision, the Mantra is little more than a cool cousin of the dreaded Mission Statement.

The Eyeful Way

So there you have it.  The clutter of 11 years of evolution has been cleared away and we now have a Mantra that will drive, guide and support the next phase of the business.  It retains our maniacal focus on the art of presentations but gives us sufficient ‘wriggle room’ to extend our influence in related disciplines.  To date our experience has allowed us to confidently use our skills and insight in the areas of sales enablement, internal comms and technical presentations.  Looking to the future, the Mantra provides an anchor from which we can exploit new opportunities when the time is right.

And you know what?  We’re rather excited about what the future holds – not just for ourselves but for our customers, readers and partners too.  Fancy joining us?

* Guy is a World renowned smart cookie who has built up a huge following with his no-nonsense approach to business, some of which I agree with (The Mantra approach) and some I have problems with (see the Myth Busting section of The Presentation Lab).

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3 Responses to “Introducing ‘The Mantra’”

  1. Miguel Monteiro says:

    Eyeful’s Mantra – Eyefulocity – Eyefelicity – Hapeyefulness… 😉

  2. Miguel Monteiro says:

    Eyeful’s Mantra – Eyefulocity – Eyefulicity – Eyefelicity (Eyefulhapyness)… 😉

  3. Simon says:

    Thanks Miguel – couldn’t have put it better myself!

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