Eyeful Tomatoes

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 by Simon Morton

I’m happy to go on record as a frustrated gardener/farmer – a kind of cross between Monty Don and that chap on Countryfile.

Each year I throw myself into the growing season with gusto, confident that my explorations into the more exotic crops will pay dividends (quite why I thought that watermelons would grow in Shropshire is beyond me).

Eyeful TomsSo while the more adventurous of my horticultural experiments limp slowly towards the compost bin, I always have the ‘old faithful’ tomato plants to fall back on.  Over the years, a tradition has emerged of bringing the excess tomato crop into ‘Eyeful Towers’, thus spreading compost and a sense of hearty organic wellbeing around the office.

This year’s crop got snapped up pretty quickly so perhaps it’s time to expand the repertoire – chilli peppers anyone?

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  1. Miguel Monteiro says:

    Keeping with tomatoes what about trying black tomatoes ( https://t3hwin.com/i/2015/06/Black-tomatoes.jpg )?
    Or… keeping it on the tomato family side, why not Bell Peppers, Padron Peppers or Egg Plant aka Aubergine? 😉

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