The Eyeful Rebrand – The Designer’s Perspective

Friday, July 24th, 2015 by Alex Warwick

With the decision made to update our website and training offering we thought it was the perfect time to give Eyeful in general a complete brand overhaul.

This would also help to better capture and promote the essence of Eyeful with an expression of our company evolution.

In our industry we understand the huge importance of branding and how keeping a brand fresh and updated is vital.

Our product and service offering have always been kept up to date by constantly pushing boundaries and optimising our offering and over the last 10 years this has seen us grow into a world leading presentation company.

Our own branding though simply didn’t keep up with the evolution!

So after a decade of having one colour palette and an ever changing corporate font, we are hugely excited to release an all new brand image that will help communicate who we are and why we are unique.


Idea Phase
We started off using our delivery team innovation sessions to come up with new concept ideas for the Eyeful Website. Some great ideas went into the chosen design, which was then lovingly crafted and fined tuned into our new website design. This then ultimately became the brand look and feel for the whole of Eyeful.

The Font
2aWhen The Presentation Lab book was in early development there was a debate amongst the designers whether to use Gill Sans or Myriad Pro as the book font. A test page was shown around the office and a vote was taken that saw Myriad Pro win. So this font would now be used for all of our new branded materials. With a great weight variety and easy to manage functionality across multi-media, it was the perfect choice.

The Hexagon
A decision was made to use a hexagon as a primary design feature. We had used hexagons in The Presentation Lab Book to add a consistent chemical/DNA structure look to our diagrams and realised the practical potential and aesthetic value of the shape. We added shades to give depth, while keeping the design contemporarily flat and uncomplicated. The hexagons will now form part of Eyefuls DNA.


The Colour
The importance and influence of colour on a brand is key to a cohesive brand identity. Like the Eiffel 65 song everything about our brand was blue. We needed to address this to implement a full vibrant palette that would help communicate our brand more effectively.

5We added a complimentary dark and light blue to work with our core Eyeful Blue that remains unchanged. The cool colours were set symbolising security, trust, loyalty and intelligence so we needed to add in colours from the warm side of the spectrum, the pink does this job symbolising health, happiness and playfulness. We also added in the yellow to the warm side of the new Eyeful colour spectrum symbolising energy and creativity. Lastly we decided on a couple of neutral colours for backgrounds and text. These would be the dark and light greys. So now with the basics of a good solid flexible hexagon shape and a colour scheme to match our brand values (Eyefulocity) we needed to add some uniqueness and freshness to the brand.

The Long Shadow

The freshness and modernity of our brand would come from a recent design trend of using long shadows. In a Design world that values flat and simplicity the single colour long shadow has become a key ingredient in giving depth to flat icons. So with a trusty angle of 45 degrees and a darker edge to the hexagon for the long shadow to bleed into, we have created a fresh and current design feature in our brand.


The Bubbles
Lastly, as a designer I always feel in a branding world of consistency and repetition that a touch of non-conformity and chaos can add a great deal to symbolise imagination and inspiration. The Presentation Lab book was again the go to place to find the perfect design feature. The Lab’s bubbles were chosen as they are a very flexible and fluid design feature that could be used to create a uniqueness across all of Eyeful’s branded material.


Spearheaded by our completely new and refreshed website, our new look and feel now reflects a renewed understanding of our brand. And we are over the moon to have brought it bang up to date and befitting of our cutting edge presentation services. We hope you like it!


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