The Eyeful Rebrand – The MD’s Perspective

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 by Simon Morton

The eagle eyed amongst our readership will have noticed we’ve had a bit of an overhaul of our look and feel.  Everywhere you look, from our website to our proudly presented studio artwork, has succumbed to the gentle spit and polish refresh of our branding.

The overhaul of a company’s look and feel is, by it’s very nature, disruptive. 

From the marketing team who has the thankless task of going through each and every piece of collateral with a fine toothcomb to ensure ‘new brand’ compliance through to the sales team cleansing their briefcases (both electronic and physical) of all ‘old brand’ content.  Of this while the rest of the business wrestles with new fonts, new rules and email signature formats.  It’s a time consuming and frequently frustrating job.

In our case, the stakes are a whole bunch higher.  Eyeful is a business that’s built a reputation (and a rather successful book) off the back of getting visual communication right.  In short, we couldn’t afford to mess this one up.

So why do it? 

Wouldn’t it be simpler just to jazz up a few bits here and there (akin to adding a few scatter cushions to a tired room layout) rather than going hell for leather and overhauling everything?  The simple reason is that businesses evolve (or at least the successful ones do).  Eyeful started off life in my back bedroom 11 years ago because I was quite good at PowerPoint and wanted to use this skill to improve the quality of business presentations in the Oxfordshire area.  A laudable if slightly limited aspiration.

Jump to today and we find ourselves supporting businesses of all sizes across the globe.  We’ve developed presentations that have been delivered to Prime Ministers, Presidents and Business Icons.  Clients now come to us to support them on their message, story and structure as much as they do their PowerPoint visuals.  They turn to us for advice on new technology, for training across the entire gamut of presentation skills and as a sounding board for when everyone around them has resorted to business speak.

We needed a look and feel that reflected these changes, to mark the evolution of the business from over excited PowerPoint geeks to fully rounded presentation experts.  The time had come.

So what’s changed?

Well, rather than hide our consultancy credentials under a bushel, we’ve proudly brought them to the fore.  Our new branding reflects the conversations we have every day with decision makers across a whole range of businesses, from the founder of a start up through to the C-suite of international organisations.  We deliver greater presentation success by adding greater value earlier on in the process – that’s the power of the consultancy.

Equally we’ve upped the ante in terms of promoting our successful but criminally low key training services.  What was once an adjunct to our attention grabbing design services now has equal billing (and about time too).  Our training is underpinned by the ideas in The Presentation Lab, a book that was written with the avowed intention of changing the way people approach presentations.  At this very moment, someone somewhere is dipping into a local language edition of The Presentation Lab (most recent edition – Korean!) and taking the new ideas into their business.  The mix of excitement, pride and sense of privilege that comes from this is huge…and our relaunched training is the manifestation of this mission to make a difference to presentations somewhere in the World everyday.

In short, we’ve evolved (some may say matured) into a business that recognises that when we get it right for a client, the result is so much more than a set of better looking slides.

We deliver engagement that informs decisions that prompt real change.

It’s a privilege we take seriously…and it’s about time our branding reflected this.


Yet despite all the change, some things remain the same…

Our passion for the power of presentations remains at the core of what we do.

This is not some blasé statement – we’ve seen it happen.

We’ve seen new ideas adopted with enthusiasm and vigour within organisations, sales teams transformed when armed with the right collateral mix and nervous presenters transformed into powerful storytellers. 

It’s this metamorphosis, driven by our well established methodologies and experience, that continues to fuel the Eyeful team.  In short, it’s bloody exciting.

Now this might all sound a little, um, zealous…and you’re probably right.  We take pride in the impact a little bit of Eyefulocity can have on a presenter, a message or a visual and we’re not going to start getting embarrassed about it now.  As such, regular visitors should still recognise the Eyeful tone of voice, the ‘so bad it’s good’ scattering of puns and a willingness to share our news ideas and whimsy.

It all boils down to a passion for the power of presentations.  No matter how we package it, that’s what we stand for…and our hope is that a little of the excitement that fills the halls of ‘Eyeful Towers’ rubs off on visitors to the Labs, our website or one of our workshops.  So please enjoy the new site, tell us what you like (and, more importantly, what you loathe) and we’ll continue to develop it with you very much in mind.

Between us, we can make presentations truly deliver.

On behalf of audiences everywhere, thanks for taking the time to have a mooch,


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