5 Ways To Con Your Boss (Into Giving Better Presentations)

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 by Matt

Con, trick, ploy, scam…

These are all words that we don’t necessarily associate with positive connotations!

But, even though they mean doing something pretty bad, is it still wrong, if your intentions are good?

My 18 month old son Jack has a thing at the moment about having his teeth brushed. He hates it, the very sight of a tooth brush and there is a Jack shaped hole in the nearest wall.

So this morning I had an idea, I put the toothpaste onto the toothbrush and kept it out of sight, I opened the stairgate and sat on the top stair and shouted over to Jack who was exploring everything but his toys in our master bedroom, “Hey look Jack, the stairgate’s open!” knowing that the thought of escape down stair mountain would interest him greatly.

Over he came and as he traversed down the first step, I sat him next to me, put my arm around him and thought “Gotchya!” I then, much to his dismay, brushed his teeth.

For 20 long seconds Jack did not like his dad, he had been tricked and conned. But, I felt no guilt! All parents have to do this sometimes, we have to use dishonest tactics to achieve something for the greater good.

Maybe we could/should be applying the same tactics at work!?

The chances are that you have a boss or a colleague who gives terrible presentations?

Going up to them and saying, “excuse me Bob, but the presentation you just gave was truly awful, the audience didn’t know what you were on about, your slides looked awful and on the whole you’ve made the company look really, really unprofessional.”

That’s going to go down about as well as me handing Jack the toothbrush, sure your boss needs to know the ugly truth and change things, just as much as my son’s teeth need brushing.

Taking either approach gets you a similar result, a toothbrush (or a stapler) hurdling through the air, as feet are stamped and tears are shed…

For me, a couple of minutes later and Jack will give me a cuddle and make friends. I can’t promise your boss will be soothed in the same sort of timeframe, nor if you will still have a job!

You see sometimes there is no rational reasoning with people and the only option is to con them…

So how do you subtly con your colleague into giving better presentations?

Con 1 – Leave the Eyeful website open on their computer on the Who We Do It For page and give them a peak at the stunning presentations we create in your industry…

Con 2 – Sneak a copy of the Presentation Lab into their briefcase the next time they go on a trip so that they can learn the formula behind powerful presentations…

Con 3 – Send their PowerPoint presentation to Eyeful for a completely free Health Check and leave the detailed feedback report anonymously on their desk, this will highlight where they’re going wrong and what they can do to improve it…

Con 4 – Book your team in for a lunch and learn presentation training session, our Think – Act – Deliver course is currently available for free! Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton will deliver 90 minutes of pure presentation training that will inspire, re-energise and get your team thinking about presentations in a whole new way.

Con 5 – Subscribe your boss to the Eyeful Blog! Weekly new blogs full of ideas, innovation and the odd bit of humour will get your boss inspired when it comes to creating better presentations.

So there you have it 5 (gratis) ideas on how you can con your boss towards giving better and more professional presentations.

Going behind their back, being sneaky and a bit naughty can feel quite wrong – but also quite good, if you’re so inclined!

But just remember why you are doing it! Yes, conning someone is wrong, but if your intentions are noble, then surely this can only be a good thing!

You are simply, quite subtly leading your boss towards becoming a better presenter who gives better presentations and therefor gets better results. Meaning your team, your department or your company in general will be more successful. And like my son having clean teeth, that’s no bad thing…


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