Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 by Matt

Ah, so you are the brave ones! Hats off to you, standing up in front of an audience of few or many takes a special kind of person with a unique skillset.

I used to present on the radio to thousands of people and I found that easy, yesterday I presented some technical demo’s on Slidebank and Turtl to our Eyeful consultants and I was a bag of nerves! Despite knowing the tech inside out!

So when I say hats off to people who present, I really do mean it.

In today’s world of presentations there are so many ways to present information, it’s simply astonishing.

Presenters are moving to new technology in the form or Prezi. New programs and apps such as Sway and Turtl are entering the fold.

Some presenters are learning to adapt to different environments, from the large formal seminar type presentations to the more interactive conversations that small meetings offer.rsz_3the_presentation_survey_graphic_for_blog_-_alt_v2

At least, this is what we think is going on…

We would like to ask for your help to paint a firm picture on what life is like for you as a presenter in 2015…

By kindly taking our 60 second Eyeful survey for “People Who Present” you would be helping us to help everyone!

This will enable us to report back on what’s going on in the real world and offer our thoughts, insight and advice as Europe’s leading team of presentation experts.

Worry not, we don’t want your name or email address, because this survey is about making your presentation life easier, not adding to your inbox!

There are only 10 short, very straightforward multiple choice questions, meaning we can hand on heart say you’ll be done inside the next 60 seconds!

So please do, take the survey here

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